Middle of the world

Did you know that Quito is at the middle of the world? Yes, its latitude is 0-0’-0’’ , which makes this city, and the country itself, unique. During the XVIII century, a geodesic mission from France worked for eight years to determine where the equatorial line crossed, and in 1836 built a monument at that very site.


Today, this is one of the main tourist attractions of Quito.


There are but a few places in the world where you can take a picture with one foot in each hemisphere. In order to honor the historical efforts of the geodesic mission, the equatorial monument, Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (City of the Middle of the World), was built in the Parish of San Antonio, and is located in the Ethnographic Museum of Quito.


13 kilometers north of the center of Quito, visitors can enjoy the views from the monument at the middle of the world at a height of 30 meters. Made of iron and concrete, and decorated with beautiful Andesite rock, the monument is a must see for tourists at the center of the World; Quito.


Close to the historical monument, visitors can find a great deal of culture, further evidence that such as the center of the world, Quito, there is none other.


The Sitio Intiñan Museum gives tourists a view of the marvels performed, nowhere else but at the center of the world.


Demonstrations performed by our expert guides, such as how to balance an egg on a nail, and how the Coriolis effect affects the way in which water flows, can only be seen at the museum.


The museum also offers a historic view of our ancestors, a deeper look into the history of Quito, and also offers a location for those festivals that take place during the equinox and solstice.

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