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San Francisco Square and its surroundings

San Francisco Square and its surroundings

San Francisco Square and its surroundings

San Francisco Square and its surroundings

San Francisco Square and its surroundings


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The San Francisco Square is one of the biggest Squares in Quito. A place made of volcanic rock where we can find the San Francisco church and convent, one of the most imposing architectonic complexes in America. It was built in 1550 and its twin bell towers have been an emblematic image of the city ever since.


It was, from pre-Incan periods and before the Spanish conquest, the area's main marketplace. All the products coming from the sea, the Andean fields, and the jungle were dealt in the San Francisco Square.


To the side of the square, in Cuenca Street, we can find La Casa del Alabado, a pre-Columbian art museum that is a must-see for any tourist, even for those who aren't art enthusiasts. This restored colonial villa is home to more than five thousand archaeological pieces from the cultures that populated the Ecuadorian territory before the Spanish conquest, five thousand years ago. Sinuous and volumetric art pieces and utensils from cultures like Valdivia, Chorrera, Tolita and Jama-Coaque, among others, have a place in this museum that allows us to take a look at the iconography and worldview of the pre-Columbian people of Ecuador.


The Santa Clara Square, restored in 2011, is another destination that travelers cannot miss. This square was a market at the beginning of the 20th century, and also the path for the canals that allowed the entrance and discharge of water to the city. Today, it is the perfect place to gaze at the Santa Clara Monastery, created in 1596, which holds the most important artistic and religious treasures in the country. If you're lucky, your visit may coincide with some of the ritual activities of the monastery.


You cannot walk through this part of Old Town without trying Quito's delicious candy, commonly known as "colaciones". Las Colaciones de la Cruz Verde is the shop that should be in every traveler's itinerary. Located in the Bolívar and Chimborazo streets, it offers this traditional candy made of honey and peanut, whose velvety texture melts in your mouth.


La Casa Gangotena, in the corner of the San Francisco square, is a luxurious hotel, considered to be one of Quito's architectonic gems.

San Francisco

Al costado izquierdo, en plena esquina frente al convento de San Francisco, se encuentra una mansión imponente, de blancas paredes y balcones, donde se abre un gran portón de vidrio para recibir a turistas que llegan en busca de unos de los hoteles boutique más exclusivos de la ciudad. En épocas anteriores, éste fue la mansión de los Gangotena, una importante familia aristocrática de Quito; pero en otros tiempos, antes de la llegada de los españoles, se dice que allí mismo se levantaba una templo inca, estratégicamente ubicado en uno de los más importantes mercados.

Si quieres acceder al hotel, puedes ir de visita y recorrer el salón de la recepción para admirar las orquídeas y el patio trasero con su pileta centenaria. También podrás degustar platos quiteños en su restaurante que exalta la gastronomía local.

Como turista puedes preguntar cómo subir a la terraza, seguro te ayudarán y podrás acceder a una magnífica vista del Centro Histórico y parte del norte de Quito. Intenta tomar una fotografía como la de la revista Traveller de National Geographic, que reconoció a Quito como uno de los 20 mejores destinos en el mundo.


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