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Independence Square and its surroundings

Plaza Grande
Independence Square and its surroundings

Plaza Grande

Plaza Grande y sus alrededores
Independence Square and its surroundings

Plaza Grande y sus alrededores


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The Plaza Grande is the epicenter of historical events that continue to define Ecuadorian life. Also known as Plaza de la Independencia (Independence square), it is the heart of Old Town and the ideal place to appreciate the daily life of many quiteños. It was not the city's first square, but, since the 16th century it is the quintessential meeting point and the stage of Quito's legends and chronicles. This is not strange since the Independence Square is flanked by the Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the Archbishop's Palace and the Municipal Palace. On the sides of the square, you can find coffee shops below the Cathedral, where you can savor pork sandwiches, juices made with fresh fruit and seco de chivo, a traditional stew made with goat meat, served with great diligence, by the hand of women who have worked in these culinary crafts for years.

It will come to your attention that just below the Presidential Palace, like in few other places around the world, there is a craft store and a very traditional barber shop.

In the center of the square you can find the Independence monument, inaugurated on August 10, 1909. It depicts a wounded lion (portraying the Spanish troops), a condor breaking the chains of oppression (the country's emblem) and on the top, the roman goddess Libertas, holding a torch.

A few steps away from the square, you can find the Pasaje Espejo, a pedestrian street where the Bolívar Theatre and the Plaza Chica are located, along with a series of typical and fusion food restaurants. The patrimonial house Pérez Pallares is a block away from Independece Square and it is perhaps one of the most emblematic recovered historical points. It is said that in one of its balconies, Manuela Sáenz threw a bouquet of flowers to Simón Bolívar, initiating a romantic relationship between them, which would influence the course of America's independency. Currently, the house is in the process of becoming a hotel.


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