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Tourist Safety

Tourist Safety

Useful Information

The Metropolitan District of Quito has tourist safety and assistance programs, which integrate the National Police and Metropolitan Police through their tourist service units. These institutions work jointly to safeguard the city and allow visitors to enjoy a pleasant and inconvenience free stay.


Generally speaking, Quito is a very safe city. Walking its streets, visiting its tourist attractions, and traveling to its different parishes are low risk activities.


Just like in other cities around the world, in Quito it is necessary to take certain precautions so that you can make the most of your visit, which is why we suggest you consider the following recommendations while here:


  • Take care of your personal items. Always carry your ID in a secret pocket, (always have some sort of ID with you), keep your valuables in a safe place.  
  • Leave any documents and important valuables back at your hotel (request a hotel safe).  
  • Avoid carrying large sums of money. It is preferable to use credit cards.  
  • Do not take advertisements from unknown persons on the street.  
  • Do not exchange money on the street. It is better to do so at a bank, exchange office or at the hotel where you are staying.  
  • Arrange your trips with tourism agencies known to the hotel where you're staying.  
  • Keep the service hours of those attractions you want to visit in mind.  
  • Take special care in places with large groups of people: on public transport, large entertainment venues, and shopping malls or markets.  
  • Avoid walking in squares or down streets that are deserted. Stick to tourist areas when visiting the historic district.  
  • If you have to cancel credit cards, call: American Express: 1 800 528 4800 Visa: 1 303 967 1096 (collect call) MasterCard: 1 636 722 7111 (collect call).
  • Tourists can report assaults, loss or theft of documents , luggage online at the following link: http://www.gestiondefiscalias.gob.ec/rtourist/



What is Quito Turismo?

It is a young company that works every day to fulfill its reason of existence. On May 5 of 2010, through Ordinance 309, published in the Official Register N° 186, the Metropolitan Public Management Company of Tourist Destination-Quito Turismo is established with the main purpose of developing tourism in the Metropolitan District of Quito with the generation and conversion of new touristic products, adaptation of the tourist infrastructure, as well as the promotion of the Metropolitan District of Quito as a national and international destination, in addition to other actions in the field.

How do I report a problem with the web page or with the mobile application?

If you want to report a problem with this web site or mobile application you can direct your comment to dmaldonado@quito-turismo.gob.ec.



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