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Quito is among the “top ten” destinations to visit in 2015, according to the daily beast

Quito is among the “top ten” destinations to visit in 2015, according to the daily beast

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According to The Daily Beast web page, Quito is among the top ten cities to visit in 2015. The article titled “Next Stop, Quito: Our Top Cities for 2015” highlights the colonial architecture and the merging of flavors in is cuisine as reasons for this recognition.

The article also mentions the city’s close to 90 million dollar investment in hotel infrastructure, and highlights Casa Gangotena as an example. It also describes Quito as a city “about to become the gateway to one of the countries with greatest geographic diversity on the planet”.

Other cities on the list included: Odessa (Ukraine), Diqing (China), Wellington (New Zealand), Glasgow (Scotland), Kigali (Rwanda), Toronto (Canada), Savannah (United States), among others.

Promotion of the capital took place through press and familiarization trips, which brought 935 representatives from the worl media and international tour operators last year. Media outlets such as: Diario Spiegel on Line (Germany), El Tiempo (Colombia), Breaking Travel News (United Kingdom), Revista Siete Días (Argentina), Diplomat & International (Canada), Periódico Folha (Sao Paulo), devoted space on their information platforms to communicate their experiences while visiting Quito.

In 2014, 680,000 tourists visited Quito, which meant a growth of 8.5% compared to the 628,958 that arrived in 2013. According to forecasts by Quito Turismo, a growth of 5% is expected in 2015. Should Quito continue to maintain this rate of growth, Quito Turismo expects the city will welcome over 1 million tourists in 2018.


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