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Returning to Quito, Ecuador’s reborn city

Returning to Quito, Ecuador’s reborn city

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Fecha: Marzo 2013
Medio: Seattlle Times.
"I love how the sun paints the city," says Julio Rivas Garcia as he gazes over Quito's historic heart from the roof of the Church of La Merced. Where we're standing, at 9,200 feet and only 15 miles from the equator, the late-afternoon sun still has the power to make 400-year-old stonework glow as though it's lit from within. Cloud shadows swoop across tiled roofs, church steeples and narrow cobblestone streets filled with cars, buses and crowds walking home from work.

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Address: Av. Amazonas N79-39 (Bicentenario Convention Center), Phone: (593 2) 299-3300 al 30, ext.1018, Email: comunicacion@quito-turismo.gob.ec